Welcome to WorldWideWendt.com!

On this site I will deal with some areas in the field of web programming and 3D graphics. I guess there must be thousands of similar web projects and there may be huge overlaps with regard to contents which actually can't be avoided. However, occasionally you may also find some extraordinary features—a creative one of a kind, a smart idea—on such sites, maybe even here (one day)!

The techniques that I will deal with on this site comprise the following areas:

  • (X)HTML / CSS
  • PHP / MySQL
  • JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX
  • ActionScript / Flash animations
  • 3D graphics with blender

Color & Font
Color tool

You have difficulties finding a balanced color combination and appropriate font formats for your website?

Use the tool Color & Font on this website in order to interactively create the color and font properties of your own site. The results of your settings can be easily included as CSS listing in your web project.