jQuery NaviHandler Plugin Demo

The table below shows an example navigation for each of the three different kinds of animation that can be realized by use of the NaviHandler plugin.

  • The example in the left column shows a navigation that one will receive with the default settings of the plugin, i.e., no options are required for a navigation that reveals or hides the contents of its categories by a simple mouse click.
  • In the example in the middle, the categories will also reveal or hide their contents by clicking on them. However, here the remaining open categories will automatically be closed after a new category was clicked. To receive this behavior you must add the option closeRest with the value true to the object literal.
  • In the last example navigation (right column) the categories will automatically reveal their contents after the mouse cursor was moved over the category fields. In the same way they will hide their contents when the mouse cursor leaves this area. In order to receive this effect you will have to add the type option with the value 'rollOver' to the object literal.

Color & Font
Color tool

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