Bézier Curve Bézier Curve
  • Create a quadratic Bézier curve
  • Allow the user to interactively manipulate the underlying control polygon by means of 'drag & drop'
Collision Detection Collision Detection
  • The function hitTest()
  • Creating a Sound object
Drawing Area Drawing Area
  • Create MovieClip and Button objects
  • Usage of mouse event handlers
Rotating Menu Rotating Menu
  • Create a dynamic and interactive menu
  • Use mouse events to affect the motion of the link symbols
Vector Field Vector Field
  • Implementation of a MovieClip object
  • Duplication of MovieClip objects
  • Adding functionality to mouse events
ActionScript 3
ColorPicker Class ColorPicker Class
  • Use my ColorPicker class in your own project to interactively apply new colors to display objects.
VideoControlBar Class VideoControlBar Class
  • Use my VideoControlBar class in order to load and control an FLV video in your Flash project.
Fluid Simulation Fluid Simulation
  • Implementation of a fluid simulation
  • Implementation of a motion simulation
  • Rendering of a movie clip
Solid of Revolution Solid of Revolution
  • Create a solid of revolution
  • Apply material properties to an object
Character Counter Character Counter
  • Display the number of remaining characters of a textarea element
  • Truncate the string when the number of characters exceeds the maximum number
jQuery ImageHandler2in1 plugin jQuery ImageHandler2in1 plugin
  • Use my jQuery ImageHandler2in1 plugin in order to simultaneously scale your images and view them in their original size by clicking them.
NaviHandler jQuery plugin NaviHandler jQuery plugin
  • Use my NaviHandler jQuery plugin in order to animate your navigation in three different ways
Color & Font
Color tool

You have difficulties finding a balanced color combination and appropriate font formats for your website?

Use the tool Color & Font on this website in order to interactively create the color and font properties of your own site. The results of your settings can be easily included as CSS listing in your web project.